2020 년 8 월

Project realized during my 2nd year of Master in Interaction and UX Design at IIM


WRISTIE is a companion bracelet for festival goers. It can be used in partner festivals with an application that can be downloaded free of charge from the stores

Using this bracelet is simple, before the festival the user has to prepare the bracelet by entering his/her ticket in the app. Then, the user can add the people with whom he/she will go to the festival and to top up the pot for the expenses at the festival

The bracelet works without a phone, so festival-goers don't have to worry about their battery

WRISTIE will allow users to move freely in the different areas of the festival, to instantly pay for their purchases or to find their friends

In addition to these features, the bracelet will create scenographies for festival
The spectators will become actors of the show. The crowd will be illuminated, and the bracelets will be synchronized according to several factors such as the rhythm of the percussions

The application also includes several features:

- The list of all booked festivals
- Manage groups of friends with whom the festival-goer will go to a particular festival
- Festival reservation information
- A map of the festival
- The possibility of reloading and managing the pot of the bracelet

My role in this project was UX / UI Designer: working on user research, ideation, design, realization.


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